Three Things: delightful everyday items

three things everyday items

Sylvan Clayworks stunning handmade ceramic homewares

So my sister-in-law, the genius artist lady behind Sylvan Clayworks, somehow takes clay and paint and glaze and makes THE most beautiful items for the home. Coffee mugs, platters for your Thanksgiving turkey, plates and bowls, little dishes for your rings, and gorgeous planters, each unique piece has this earthy quality that is both modern and timeless. We have several things around the house that she’s made, but one of my very favorites is this nice coffee scoop.

The lovely scoop dispenses the right amount of grounds (4 scoops for my strong half pot) and more importantly, gives me a little lift of beauty first thing every morning. (Hint hint: The holidays are right around the corner and this would make a perfect stocking stuffer for just about anyone. Use the code SBL10 for 10% off your first order!)

coffee spoons

When this post goes live our family will be gallivanting around Switzerland and France for a couple of weeks! I can hardly believe it, except for the messy state of my house as I write this, instead of finishing packing for a family of five. *Not an easy task*

Anyways, I’m trying out a couple of new items on this trip and wanted to include them in my list here because I have high hopes for ’em, folks! It’s been years since I’ve flown internationally, but back then I struggled to actually get any sleep on my flights and I’m hoping these little guys will aid some shut-eye. (Go ahead a say a prayer for us- we are traveling with our three wild and wonderful boys.)

sara longenecker blog neck pillow

Trtl Neck Pillow supportive scarf for my time of need

I’ve seen this neck pillow/scarf-with-support thing around the internet for awhile and decided to give it a try. It wraps around and Velcros together, has a lightweight and flexible bit that provides structure between your shoulder and head, and is insanely soft. I will likely have a giant baby strapped to my chest (in the Ergo carrier) for most of the flight so I’ll take any help I can get. And go ahead and follow my IG stories…I will try and give an update on the Scarf Situation 2018.

Lewis & Clark eye mask such glamour

I just really want to be a person who sleeps in an eyemask. It’s the most glam thing ever! Like in an old movie– I awake at sunrise, stretched out in a huge bed in an old chalet nestled in the Swiss Alps, slip my eye mask off (my hair is perfect, btw), and a handsome husband delivers coffee and chocolate with a smile. What kids? There are children on this trip?

Also, I just like complete darkness when I sleep, so maybe this will provide a nice barrier between the unknown AirBnB lighting decor and my eyeballs. We shall see (or not, hopefully!)

>> There’s your three everyday items of joy and delight. Let me know if you’ve tried the travel accoutrements and don’t forget to use the code SBL10 when you pick up your coffee scoop! ☕


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