Winter Beauty Round-Up

winter beauty roundup

Hello 2019! And hello rough winter skin, and dry winter hair, and grey winter days. And hello to you, my fair friends and dear readers and perfect strangers alike! I put together a little round-up of some of my current favorite beauty products that you can acquire via Amazon and I hope you find something to perk up this season of dull.

Here we go:

Caudalie Vinopure Skin Perfecting Serum – Okay, years ago I worked in high-end beauty sales and received extensive training across brands and ever since then, Caudalie has been one of my favs. There’s something about the balance of French apothecary and natural (and still very effective) ingredients that just gets me. Caudalie has several worthwhile products but this one is my newest pick- the serum clears inflammation (breakouts) and tightens the skin and smells wonderful…kind of fresh and botanical and cooling. I love to use it in the morning after washing my face but before moisturizing.

Origins Skin Retexturizing Mask – A really nice clay mask for sensitive skin. Also great for normal-to-oily or just for the T-zone for combo skin types. It instantly brightens the complexion, leaves a smooth finish, smells like roses, and is that perfect #millennialpink. What more do you want?

Living Proof Perfect Hair Day in-shower styler – I was skeptical about this product but the claim was audacious enough for me to try. You mean you just work it through your hair, while in the shower, give a quick rinse, and then towel dry? That’s it? That’s pretty much it. This cream goes on like conditioner and rinses out, leaving just the right amount of product to give a nice full texture to the hair. It doesn’t magically curl your hair for you, but it does give volume, and if you’re too busy (or lazy, it’s cool) to do any post-shower styling, then this bottle’s got ya covered.

First Aid Beauty Ultra Repair Cream – I never thought I’d be here, but that’s life for you- I’m becoming ardently devoted to a hand cream, just like my Mom was when I was a kid. (Still is? She loves Neutrogena Original, also a good one. I get it now, Mom!) This jar of “intense hydration” is kind of pricey for a hand cream, which is how I use it, but it’s fantastic for face, elbows, heels, anywhere that needs it. Winter is harsh people, this is how you protect your largest bodily organ.

Essie Angora Cardi – And once you have those cuticles and knuckles and hands looking and feeling all hydrated and nice, why not paint your nails something to make you feel extra fancy? This color is like the best rose/purple/red all spilled and mixed together and now it’s called “Angora Cardi,” which would be the perfect thing to wear along with it. Y’all stay warm. xo

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Sara Beth Longenecker is a writer and blogger based in Nashville, TN. She helps women sort through the noise of our culture by bringing them truth, beauty, and everyday theology.

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