Why Abortion is America’s Current Civil Rights Issue

abortion civil rights

Today, as we remember the work and sacrifice of Martin Luther King Jr., it is a good day to assess the progress made here in America for all citizens.

When we talk of civil rights, our collective and immediate conversation turns towards the gains made for minorities by King and the Southern Christian Leadership Conference, and rightly so. The American black community is thriving* in many ways today because of King’s fundamental conviction of the Imago Dei in all people, and his courage to pursue accountability from the United States government to adhere to its own founding principals that,

“We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.”

With all the talk of “progress” that we are inundated with on a daily basis, there are obviously still gaps to be closed. And let’s get right to the point about the most glaring one, staining the pages of our nation’s modern history as it is being written. The abortion industry blatantly targets high-minority areas, it puts women at physical and psychological risk, and it snuffs out the life of individual citizens. The Center for Urban Renewal and Education published research in 2015 to highlight how, “Abortion has become the most unregulated industry in the United States because …Planned Parenthood targets minority neighborhoods.” For those interested in reading the full report, you can find it here.

If we truly care about civil rights for all people, we must hold the legislative branch of our government accountable and eliminate laws permitting abortion-on-demand.

Want more information? Or find yourself still wavering on the pro-life stance? Then I encourage you to listen to Ben’s latest podcast episode. In it, he breaks down the top pro-choice arguments and brings reason, scientific fact, and empathy to the conversation. Educate yourself.

For those that continue to fight on behalf of the pre-born, know that you are not alone! Millennial’s are increasingly more pro-life than their parents** and the cause is spreading, as evidenced by the successful 2019 March for Life event, which drew an estimated half million peaceful protesters to our nation’s capitol. If you are local to Middle Tennessee and are looking for a great way to support those directly targeted and effected by the abortion industry, consider getting involved with CareNet, a pregnancy support center for women and families.

And while you are giving, volunteering, and working to further the rights of our youngest citizens, let’s listen to the words of Alveda King, civil rights activist and niece of MLK Jr,

“How can the “Dream” survive if we murder the children? Every aborted baby is like a slave in the womb of his or her mother. The mother decides his or her fate.”



*Black unemployment rate at all-time low, Congress sets new high for racial diversity

**Millennials More Pro-Life

Published by Sara Beth Longenecker

Sara Beth Longenecker is a writer and blogger based in Nashville, TN. She helps women sort through the noise of our culture by bringing them truth, beauty, and everyday theology.

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