Walter Brueggemann on Metaphor in Scripture

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On the use of metaphor in scripture and how the word-pictures connect with our everyday lives:

“I think they basically arise out of my continuing to look at the text. It depends on what text I’m looking at. Obviously, that is then related to what’s going on in my life that day. For example, if I take the phrase — and I can’t even remember where it is — “Let me be the apple of your eye.” That’s a very strange phrase, but what that pictures is a God who’s a big eye that looks at you caringly, treasuring you. What I imagine from that — it’s like being a little kid that’s lost in a department store, and you finally go around the corner, and there’s your mother looking at you, and you’re safe again. So I want to have God look at me that way.” — Walter Brueggemann

To listen to the entire interview with Theologian Walter Brueggemann and Krista Tippett of On Being, click here.

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