Three Things: to live that cozy life

So glad you decided to swing by! Here’s a *virtual* cup of something warm and delicious. Most of my current days are spent working on final papers for the semester (reading and writing and editing some more) while also thinking about what dessert I’m going to make for Thanksgiving. Last year I did the classic move of two (homemade, of course) pumpkin pies, but this year I want to do something a little more Southern. Maybe Pecan? Ooh…even better…Jackson Pie! YUM.

However, I’m getting a bit off track. I know this time of year can be tricky with the shorter days and the building stress of the holidays, but it can also be really wonderful. Every morning that I wake up and see a flock of turkeys roaming the foggy hillside dotted with jewel-toned trees of amber and crimson, I swoon just a little inside. All of creation is instinctively obeying its Creator and we are privy to the dazzling pageant.

Not every moment is poetic though…this I realize. Kids still have homework and house projects still endure. Life is relentless like that, ya know? I’ve found that it helps to have small ways of enjoying the mundane. We may not be able to jet off to Fiji this year, but we can still get all of the juice out of our days.

Here are a few sensible pleasures that may help to stave off the winter blues. Something to wear, something to read, and something to (help you to) relax. Enjoy!

Something to Wear

The Fancy Sweatshirt Look:

Toss on over a button down (like styled here) or wear alone with your favorite jeans. Pair with a cute pair of flats and hoop earrings to pull it together!
J. Crew sweatshirt

The Ultimate Retro Cozy Look:

This would look great with a pair of flare corduroy pants in burgundy or tan. Or toss it over a floral dress to mix things up a bit!

Amazon Cream Sweater

The Polished and Yet Still Warm Look:

Everyone needs a really great neutral cardigan and this one will become a closet staple, I promise. Works for a professional look (with tailored pants and a button down) or a casual look (with your softest tee and pair of jeans) aaaaaand it might just be the perfect thing to wear on Thanksgiving.

Daily Ritual Cardi Sweater

Something to Read

My kids are obsessed with this multi-part series!

Reading aloud to our boys is something we’ve done since they were babies and now that they are a bit older, we’re able to choose books that everyone can enjoy. This one is exciting, smart, and has everyone waiting in anticipation for the next book to release this spring!

The Green Ember

Something to (help you to) Relax

A bubble bath is the best therapy on a cold night, period!

I love everything by Shea Moisture, but this is my favorite scent. Warm, only slightly sweet, and leaves your skin hydrated. And this one works great as a bubble bath! Bonus–if you need a little jazz to play in the background while you soak, I’ve got you covered.

Shea Moisture Body Wash

Hope you’ve found a little something here to brighten your week. If you have more ideas for ways to live that cozy life, then put ’em in the comments! I love hearing about what y’all love.

Okay, gotta go refill my coffee mug! ☕

Published by Sara Beth Longenecker

Sara Beth Longenecker is a writer and blogger based in Nashville, TN. She helps women sort through the noise of our culture by bringing them truth, beauty, and everyday theology.

2 thoughts on “Three Things: to live that cozy life

  1. I just made a mug of hot coffee to enjoy alongside this read…thanks for the prompt!

    And as always, thanks for sharing a few of your favorite cozy things! I’d add a good pair of grandma house shoes and those super cute hair clips that everyone is rocking lately. I throw in a headband and a French twist in the back and I’m ready for the day- cute and cozy! 💕💕💕


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