SHARED: “Can Institutions Save America?” — via The Gospel Coalition

“There’s a chicken-and-egg problem here. Levin wants us to muster the virtue necessary to reinvigorate our institutions, yet these very institutions are necessary to form our virtue. He acknowledges institutional breakdown and moral decay is a vicious cycle. How do we break the cycle?”

“We’re living in a golden age of political theory. Because the culture war shows no signs of abating, because we have no shared public philosophy, American intellectuals have been working overtime to explain the political breakdown and prescribe solutions. Some, like Jonah Goldberg in Suicide of the West, argue for a reaffirmation of classical liberal values.…”

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One thought on “SHARED: “Can Institutions Save America?” — via The Gospel Coalition

  1. Good question posed in the title above. I guess it depends on the integrity of the institutions. It seems to some of us that the institutions are largely corrupt today (these have become so over the past 50+ years).

    As to the culture war not abating, it is largely over with the enemies of God and Christian morality having won, sorry to say. Christians needed to get actively involved during the battles, but sadly, few did.


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