Approaching the New Year

approaching the new year

As the year winds down, I’m breathing a sigh of relief. The week in between Christmas and New Years has always held a certain appeal- like a pause after finishing a great conversation and before beginning another. It’s a brief moment to re-group, to reassess priorities, to think about what is important and what really isn’t, to polish off the box of Walkers shortbread cookies before, um…starting a diet of healthier options.

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Three Things I Recommend: for Homeschooling Littles

three things homeschooling littles

Hi friends!

After some discussion on my favorite social media platform about what was working for our new homeschool journey, I thought I’d share a few things (literally items) that we’ve found useful. We’re still so new to this life that I’ll defer the heavy duty advice to the seasoned mamas out there 😉

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Ears to Hear, Hearts that Obey (a prayer)

ears to hear

Let me set the scene for you. It’s the afternoon of the first day of our hashtag homeschool journey for this academic year. I’m enjoying a peaceful and tidy home with a cup of fresh coffee in hand, a slice of orange pound cake next to me, and my laptop fired up and ready to go. Where are my precious children, you ask? Why is the house silent? Ah, that. Well, this morning was a little…insane.

The two older boys woke up grumpy and asked if they could play Nintendo first thing. Ignoring that request, I proceeded to *actually* cook them a hot breakfast (fried eggs and toast) and they left the eggs on their plates almost perfectly in tact. And the morning just went downhill from there: outright defiance, angry outbursts, a few tears, a baby that only napped for 30 min, a frazzled mama who only snapped two times. Lord, help us! Literally, that was my prayer. Lord, please help us.

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Hello, We Are New at Homeschooling!

Hello we are new at homeschooling

I wanted to give an update and share about how we are preparing for our first “real” year of homeschooling. If you’re curious about why we decided to try homeschooling our children (Judah, age 6 and Cedar, age 4) then start reading here! I’m saying it that way (“real”) only because we are following a combination of the Charlotte Mason method and Classical home-education method, which both emphasize an approach in early childhood that encourages the student to simply be curious and enjoy learning (whether that be a walk outside searching for frogs or reading aloud a classic like Charlotte’s Web), so as to build a solid foundation for later and a more systematic- style of learning. Already, we’ve been unknowingly doing this since they were able to pay attention to a book, so we will continue in this vein and help the curiosity to grow.  I’ve always encouraged the asking of “why” (even if it comes at a less-than-desirable time!) because it’s probably my favorite question, too.

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