Three Things: to live that cozy life

So glad you decided to swing by! Here’s a *virtual* cup of something warm and delicious. Most of my current days are spent working on final papers for the semester (reading and writing and editing some more) while also thinking about what dessert I’m going to make for Thanksgiving. Last year I did the classicContinue reading “Three Things: to live that cozy life”

Winter Beauty Round-Up

Hello 2019! And hello rough winter skin, and dry winter hair, and grey winter days. And hello to you, my fair friends and dear readers and perfect strangers alike! I put together a little round-up of some of my current favorite beauty products that you can acquire via Amazon and I hope you find somethingContinue reading “Winter Beauty Round-Up”

Post Vacation Rumination

  It’s been a minute.   When we blew back in town from our whirlwind European adventure, we hit the ground running. Michael went back to work, of course, the boys and I resumed our homeschooling, and I continued with the online college course that I had started mid-trip (not the recommend strategy, btw.) WeContinue reading “Post Vacation Rumination”

a simple trick to help you get dressed

Remember that scene from Clueless where Cher goes to her closet to get dressed and instead of pulling hangers of clothing out from her closet, she sits at a 1995 Apple and clicks through a computer program to select her outfit for the day? It’s like ancient digital paperdolls, which I’m 100% here for. IfContinue reading “a simple trick to help you get dressed”

Fall 2017 Beauty Treats

It’s Wednesday, it’s been a long week already (anyone else?), and we’re just barely on the cusp of an *actual* season change…so let’s talk fun fall stuff, okay? My brain can’t handle much else. Fall fashion (including beauty) is hands down the best sartorial season and no, you can’t argue with me, its a plainContinue reading “Fall 2017 Beauty Treats”