how building a house is changing me

building a house

We are building a house.

Well, to be accurate, we are working with a good friend who is also a contractor and we are collaboratively building our future home.

This is the house in which we hope to see our boys grow into men; this is the one in which we hope to put down roots, both literally and metaphorically. This house is the house we’ve hoped for and prayed for and this is the house we’ve seen God miraculously provide for, every step of the way.

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Coming Home

coming home

What is it about coming home, about making a life in the place you’ve grown up, that turns you inside out, so brazenly and cool? Without batting an eye, the town that reared you also reveals you, the real you, the old and new you. She holds up the kind of mirror that shines a reflection so accurate that all you can say is, yep, that’s true.

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