Coming Home

coming home

What is it about coming home, about making a life in the place you’ve grown up, that turns you inside out, so brazenly and cool? Without batting an eye, the town that reared you also reveals you, the real you, the old and new you. She holds up the kind of mirror that shines a reflection so accurate that all you can say is, yep, that’s true.

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But We Trust

But We Trust

After years of living in almost every corner of Nashville, separately and then together after we married, Michael and I finally moved out to the country.

We have coyotes in our back field and limited internet service and beauty as far as the eye can see. We only have two neighbors and one of them actually goes to our church. I love the drive down our country road, dotted with wildflowers on both sides, and the little country farm stand selling watermelons and tomatoes on the honor system.

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