Is intersectionality compatible with the gospel?

Is intersectionality compatible with the gospel? About 30 years ago, UCLA Law Professor Kimberle Crenshaw coined the term “intersectionality” in an academic paper on feminism. To hear Crenshaw define the term in her own words, click here. In the years since, the idea has grown legs and run away with what used to be theContinue reading “Is intersectionality compatible with the gospel?”

Where do we place our hope?

Where do we place our hope? Is it kept in a fragile jar waiting patiently on the shelf? Hidden in an upward gaze? Emerging from a heart turned open and ready for joy? Where do we rest the very essence of our thought and feeling (and trust and desire) about what we deeply want toContinue reading “Where do we place our hope?”

The Gospel Power of Family

When my mid-twenties brought the kind of failure that no one really plans for or considers is even possible for their own life (sure, maybe other people, *those people* over there, but never yourself), I found myself right smack in the middle of my own real-life churchy cliche…the prodigal son. Or, in my case, theContinue reading “The Gospel Power of Family”

Ears to Hear, Hearts that Obey (a prayer)

Let me set the scene for you. It’s the afternoon of the first day of our hashtag homeschool journey for this academic year. I’m enjoying a peaceful and tidy home with a cup of fresh coffee in hand, a slice of orange pound cake next to me, and my laptop fired up and ready toContinue reading “Ears to Hear, Hearts that Obey (a prayer)”

How Do We Know the Will of God?

How do we determine the will of God for our lives? When I was younger, this question would stress me out. It felt like my inner-person was constantly battling with herself over wanting to please God, worrying about how other people viewed me, and simply craving my own way. I was about 25 years oldContinue reading “How Do We Know the Will of God?”

Jesus: The One and Only

The time of year is fast approaching (and is already here) when I feel like I’m floating…direction-less…just kind of going through the motions of what I need to do but without much passion. The creative things that I was buzzing about even 2 months ago have evaporated and I can’t even remember what they were.Continue reading “Jesus: The One and Only”

“Are you ready to be healed?”

I’m driving down the highway, my kids are yelling in the back seat, but I’m somewhere else…lost in a scene from another time. I can’t seem to shake this image in my mind of the “bleeding woman” (how horrible is it to be historically known only by this descriptive?) reaching out among the densely swarmingContinue reading ““Are you ready to be healed?””

A few thoughts on the Trinity and sex.

“In that day you will know that I am in My Father, you are in Me, and I am in you.” –Jesus (Jn. 14:20) The theological idea of perichoresis (“mutual indwelling” — or the community that exists, the perfect union without loss of distinction, that breathes and lives and interacts and maybe even dances among theContinue reading “A few thoughts on the Trinity and sex.”

Fear of the Lord

If you are a believer in The Way, then this is for you. I’ve been hearing a lot of fearful talk lately among Christians. Fearful of our times; fearful of the horrific events happening all around the world to people just like you and me. Fearful of the future (especially here in the United States)Continue reading “Fear of the Lord”