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“…when it comes time for me to scan my own boarding pass weeks later, I find I’m a split blend of overjoyed and heavyhearted, all in the span of a single sec.” via Real Talk: Solo Parenting Survival Tips — Design For Mankind

Post Vacation Rumination

  It’s been a minute.   When we blew back in town from our whirlwind European adventure, we hit the ground running. Michael went back to work, of course, the boys and I resumed our homeschooling, and I continued with the online college course that I had started mid-trip (not the recommend strategy, btw.) WeContinue reading “Post Vacation Rumination”

Three Things: delightful everyday items

Sylvan Clayworks stunning handmade ceramic homewares So my sister-in-law, the genius artist lady behind Sylvan Clayworks, somehow takes clay and paint and glaze and makes THE most beautiful items for the home. Coffee mugs, platters for your Thanksgiving turkey, plates and bowls, little dishes for your rings, and gorgeous planters, each unique piece has thisContinue reading “Three Things: delightful everyday items”