three things: podcast episodes on being a woman

podcast on being a woman

Yesterday, I found myself on my Mom’s patio, chatting with three of my sisters (missing one! xo) while all of our children played in the back yard. One of my sisters held her wee little newborn, another held her chunky seven month old, and the third held her 38 week belly. Standing in the afternoon light, these women were radiant; they were beautiful and strong and insightful and hilariously funny. I couldn’t help but silently marvel at the masterpiece that God produced when he made woman.

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Women of New York’s Safety Cast Aside by State Congress’ Reproductive Health Act

women of new york

Earlier this week America saw New York’s Congress whoop and holler over an updating of their Reproductive Health Act, which expanded the language in some portions and repealed others. I won’t even go into the purposefully misleading title of the Act but I will say that this is no time to celebrate.

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a simple trick to help you get dressed

simple trick to help you get dressed

Remember that scene from Clueless where Cher goes to her closet to get dressed and instead of pulling hangers of clothing out from her closet, she sits at a 1995 Apple and clicks through a computer program to select her outfit for the day? It’s like ancient digital paperdolls, which I’m 100% here for. If you are too young to recall this epic scene…enjoy it here!

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What I Believe

What I Believe

You know what I believe?

I believe that you can be an intelligent, curious, and deeply spiritual woman and also get a kick out of a great shade of lipstick. I believe that you can think well and do well and still dress well.

I believe that my worth is measured and spoken by the One who made me, so I can stand up and speak confidently. I believe that boldness comes from a place of sacrificial living and courage is rooted in love.

I believe that we are women, who have given birth and started businesses and served the poor and created beautiful things and solved problems, who deserve respect.

I believe that it was God’s idea to bring forth womanhood and it was good.

I believe that the world will always try to diminish us, but the Father of lights will lavishly fulfill us. I believe that perfection will continue to be sold to us, but that His love is truly perfect.

I believe that we are made whole only through His work in us. I believe that He has great plans for us and will display His glory through us.

I believe that we can be the very unique, vibrant, unrestrained version of ourselves in His presence. I believe that we will find real freedom there.

photo by Jamie Brown