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Sara B. Longenecker is a freelance writer, blogger, and theology student based in the greater Nashville, TN area.

Welcome! I’m Sara and I believe that theology– or thinking and learning about God– shouldn’t be confined to the halls of academia. I also believe that theology only really matters if we allow the work of the Holy Spirit to invade our everyday life. (And this work is available to everyone, everywhere. Even you!) My hope is to help women sort through the noise of our culture by bringing them truth, beauty, and everyday theology through a variety of media.


The Point: Here on my blog, I help women think about Christian theology & apologetics, politics, pop culture, and aspects of everyday life through the lens of Christ’s redeeming love. I like to write about the deep things in life reflected in God’s good character of truth and beauty. If you like to think about this kind of thing too, then come sit with me!

The bottom line is this. Jesus is transforming all of me, including how I think about these topics, and this blog is where I write it out. I’m so glad you’re here!

sara beth longenecker

My Story: Because I’m an “old millennial” (born 1983), I grew up in an America hung-over from the Clinton era, AOL trial disks, bad MTV, and post-moderism. My native Southern culture was steeped in religiosity, but I only really knew a handful of people who actually loved God…like, in a life-changing kind of way. Thankfully, my parents were two of those weirdos.

After years of searching and striving for The Truth (which has driven me since a very young and precocious age), I finally hit a wall of surrender in my late twenties. In my absolute need, Jesus came and rescued me from the mess I had made of my life. His indwelling Spirit is continuing to do a good work and I know He will see it through.

As I began to see the real Jesus, I learned that during his time on Earth, Jesus was radically respectful of women. He was friends with them, he taught and mentored them, he connected with them in a deeply significant way (and one that was VERY different from how everyone else treated them.) And the good news is that Jesus still loves women in a way that is counter-culture and other-worldy. He has personally demonstrated this love to me so profoundly that I can’t pretend otherwise. I want to offer thinking women –and anyone who is searching– the real Jesus because he is The Truth: the challenging, engaging, deeply satisfying Truth.

Nowadays, I live with my husband and three sons just outside of Nashville, TN. I spend a lot of my time making spaghetti and driving to soccer practice, but you’ll also find me reading too many things at once (some on assignment and some for fun!) and always writing. I’m enrolled in school, working on finishing my undergrad in Bible & Theology, and should graduate next year. I also post on my blog 2-3 times a week and send a monthly newsletter to my VIP friends. *Send iced coffee!*

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As always, I do this blog thing in service of you, dear reader, and to the glory of God. If you have any questions or want to just say Hi, then shoot me an email under the “Contact” page.

Thanks for reading! xo