Three Things: Winter is Coming Edition (plus a bonus goodie!)

Temps are dropping, skies are grey, and gusts of wind whip the last of the golden leaves to blanket the ground. We are saying goodbye to glorious fall and bracing ourselves for a long winter–a winter spent (mostly) at home, no doubt, and in need of accoutrements.

In the spirit of making-the-most out of our mostly stationary lifestyle (hashtag 2020), I’ve put together a quick wishlist of items that I’m eyeing for the coming winter season.

First on the list: I’m so curious to try this out! This light mimics a sunrise to gently wake you up on dark winter mornings…and also offers a soothing light to use in the evenings. I’m a little nervous about relying on (only) this for my weekday alarm, but who knows? Maybe it will help me become one of those elusive “morning people”!

Gradual and gentle light to wake up with the (simulated) sun!

If trendy house shoes aren’t the most 2020 thing ever, I don’t know what is. These are the “IT” slippers of the year, y’all! Target has a similar pair (and at half the price!) but they’re flying off the shelves and sold out online. My trusty old slippers are about to be relegated for these cuties without a hint of remorse. I’m brutal with fashion.

super cute + super fuzzy (+ super gramable) slippers

We’re all tied a little closer to homebase this year, so why not make it a bit of a celebration? This set of state-themed candles are adorable and would make perfect gifts for the holidays. (We are still having those, right?!) The Tennessee scent sounds right up my alley–bergamot tea, single-malt whiskey, magnolia, citrus, amber and patchouli….yesssss please!

Tennessee: steeped bergamot tea, single-malt whiskey, and magnolia (yum!)

And finally, a bonus for those of us who like to keep that mug of coffee toasty warm allll morning long. Stay cozy and sane, friends!

coffee/tea mug warmer for desk (#workfromhomelife)

Published by Sara Beth Longenecker

Sara Beth Longenecker is a writer and blogger based in Nashville, TN. She helps women sort through the noise of our culture by bringing them truth, beauty, and everyday theology.

4 thoughts on “Three Things: Winter is Coming Edition (plus a bonus goodie!)

  1. Interested to hear how that light works for you! I’m still cozy socks over house shoes and I want to sniff that candle at someone else’s house. 😁 I think I need that mug warmer.

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