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🔸 Tim, world’s biggest cheerleader for the humble blog, thinks this is the best time to get started

🔸 Kelly shares what it’s like to live alone while ‘sheltering-in-place’

🔸 Since we are only going to the grocery once a week (or less), here are several great tips for keeping that produce as fresh as possible

🔸 In many states, you can’t get a colonoscopy, but Abortion is still considered “essential” (rolls eyes)

🔸 “I am not scared because I truly believe that, in spite of the hell we’re going through, people are becoming better versions of themselves. And it’s happening all around us.” I couldn’t agree more.

🔸 As Good Friday approaches, I found this live version of You are Healed so beautiful–

By his wounds you are healed, by his nails your sin is gone.
By his blood you have been washed, O Lord,
By his groans, by his tears, you are healed.

Hang in there y’all! This season won’t last forever.

There is light at the end of the tunnel!


Book Club from Home

book_club 50

Hi friends!

I hope you are finding some spots of goodness and beauty in this weird time we all find ourselves living in. One spot for me has been the face-to-face connection (via technology) that has seen a spike due to everyone being quarantined. For example, I attended a theology class yesterday for my undergrad program and was able to “meet” a handful of fellow students that I’ve studied alongside for a few years now…but had yet (until yesterday!) seen their faces and heard their voices. It’s a small thing, but it brings me joy nonetheless.

In the spirit of silver linings, I want to invite you to my first-ever Book Club. That’s right…we’re gonna read and chat and do it all from our home in our pj’s!

I’m excited to announce that our first book pick is Lisa Whittle’s new release, “Jesus Over Everything.” I’m already loving this book and I think you will too. Lisa’s writing is full of deep, scripture-rooted truth, yet told in a super-relatable style. You’ll love hearing about how (and why!) she didn’t shop for a year. FOR A YEAR, YALL. Get the book here!

And then this Monday (March 30th) at 7pm cst we will meet together to discuss what we’ve read. If you are planning to attend, shoot me a quick email and let me know. I’ll be sending out the private Zoom link this weekend.

I hope you join us!

Get a grip, America! (A mid-week link post because: pandemic.)

get a grip

If you thought last week was weird, b-b-buh-baby you ain’t seen nothin’ yet! 

I just got back from our local Aldi, the purveyor of fine German chocolates and creatively-named original brands (Winking Owl and Clancy’s, anyone?), where every last egg, container of half&half, and box of butter was gone, along with zero traces of pie crust in sight. Perhaps someone is going down in the Apocalypse with their favorite pie half eaten?

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Women of Life 2020

women of life 2020


EDIT: Due to the Coronavirus, the event will likely be postponed until early summer. Tickets are still on sale and I will run the giveaway closer to the time of the event–stay tuned!

If you are local to the Nashville area or Middle Tennessee, consider coming to CareNet Pregnancy Resources Center’s third annual Women of Life event on March 27 & 28th. We will be gathering on Friday night and Saturday morning to worship and fellowship together and to hear encouraging words from Gloria Umanah and Esther Mollenhour about going after this Jesus-life as women in 2020!

All proceeds for the event will go to our local branch of CareNet, a ministry close to my heart. They serves families in crisis all over the nation by providing free pregnancy testing, ultrasounds, education, and material assistance, as well as post-abortive counseling services. For more info about CareNet and other ways to get involved, CLICK HERE.

And wink wink: I miiiight be giving away two tickets to Women of Life 2020 on my Instagram page later this week, so go follow the happenings over there!