Get a grip, America! (A mid-week link post because: pandemic.)

get a grip

If you thought last week was weird, b-b-buh-baby you ain’t seen nothin’ yet! 

I just got back from our local Aldi, the purveyor of fine German chocolates and creatively-named original brands (Winking Owl and Clancy’s, anyone?), where every last egg, container of half&half, and box of butter was gone, along with zero traces of pie crust in sight. Perhaps someone is going down in the Apocalypse with their favorite pie half eaten?

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12 Tried and True Productivity Hacks for Busy Families

productivity hacks for busy families

I recently ranted about the distinct lack of useful productivity hacks in an article that teased that offering in the title, and I didn’t want to leave y’all hanging like I had been–so I thought I would offer some of my own strategies for keeping the domestic life on track.

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SHARED: “No Happy Harmony” by Elizabeth C. Corey


“Both the ethical imperatives I’ve described—“must work” and “must stay at home”—reflect noble desires, the one for talents fully used and the other for the vocation of motherhood. But I worry that both are too often promoted ideologically, prescribed as answers to the anxieties young women naturally feel about what they should do. This problem is especially pressing for those high-achieving college students I have been describing, who cannot imagine doing anything—be it career or motherhood—halfheartedly.” via No Happy Harmony by Elizabeth C. Corey

As you might already know, the topic of motherhood and vocation has been on my mind and heart lately and Dr. Corey’s insight in this article from First Things exposes the root of tension that I feel almost daily.

It’s about a 20 minute read (well, if you’re a slow reader like me) but well worth it…grab a cup of something warm and dive in.