SHARED: How To Write by Elizabeth Gilbert — via swissmiss

1) Tell your story TO someone. Pick one person you love or admire or want to connect with, and write the whole thing directly to them —like you’re writing a letter. 327 more words

I caught this on Elizabeth Gilbert’s Instagram account last week and loved it so much that I stashed it in my “Saved” tab. So glad to catch it here via swissmiss and be able to share it with y’all.  For the full post: How To Write by Elizabeth Gilbert — swissmiss

Walter Brueggemann on Metaphor in Scripture

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On the use of metaphor in scripture and how the word-pictures connect with our everyday lives:

“I think they basically arise out of my continuing to look at the text. It depends on what text I’m looking at. Obviously, that is then related to what’s going on in my life that day. For example, if I take the phrase — and I can’t even remember where it is — “Let me be the apple of your eye.” That’s a very strange phrase, but what that pictures is a God who’s a big eye that looks at you caringly, treasuring you. What I imagine from that — it’s like being a little kid that’s lost in a department store, and you finally go around the corner, and there’s your mother looking at you, and you’re safe again. So I want to have God look at me that way.” — Walter Brueggemann

To listen to the entire interview with Theologian Walter Brueggemann and Krista Tippett of On Being, click here.

What I’m Reading Right Now

reading right now

My bedside table situation is always two minutes from being a total wreck. I try to maintain some sense of order in the chaos, but it’s like someone comes along while I’m sleeping and adds one or two (or ten) things and then I can’t seem to keep the mess from overflowing on to the chair next to it and eventually to the floor. There lives a lamp, my little basket of diaper changing items (and other baby stuff), a small ceramic bowl with tiny things like hair ties and lipbalm, and then there are the books. It’s really the book’s fault. (They’re everywhere.)

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A Holy Distillation

holy distillation

The challenge of writing is actually doing the work of it.

Let me share a bit of unedited brain dump, lifted directly from my journal recently–

“Can we talk about how distracted I become when I sit down to (intentionally, purposefully) write? I am suddenly inspired to reorganize my closet (and go online shopping for those essential fall items), clean out the fridge and meal plan (for like, the next three months), or deep clean the bathroom (although, this legitimately might be the only time that gets done…) HELP. Must write real words.”

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A Slow Walk

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Sometimes you write a blog post after weeks of feeling brain-dead and exhausted and it takes hours to write because of the many, many interruptions that happen in the life of a mom and wife and it takes real concentration and just a small glass of wine to finally finish. And then, even after years of use and faithfulness, the blogging platform has a moment and completely loses said post. I could have cried, lemme tell ya. I could have succumbed to the feelings of utter defeat.

But you know what? Instead, I chose to let it go.

Instantly I felt a thousand times better and like I somehow skipped ahead in the game, just completely bypassed the anger or frustration or whatever I was supposed to feel. It was great!

And then, I realized two things. First, I told myself to get up tomorrow (I had finished the post close to midnight) and write again. To keep at it. Keep writing. Never stop. I knew instinctively that in order to embrace this part of me, the creative side, I would have to be okay with loss now and then. Okay, lesson learned. Moving on.

The second thing was, Wow! I was changing! Even though the last several months, and in some ways years, have felt like a slow walk without arriving anywhere new…this wasn’t actually my reality. What was really happening was slow, yes, but a slow and steady move toward who I was called to be- who I’ve thought about and pictured myself becoming- this gradual changing of my character.

Do I want to be patient? Do I see myself as a leader? A true friend? A champion for others? Someone who chooses love? I see these labels in my head, like files in a folder, needing to be organized. But how much better is the love of God that his gentle Spirit guides me toward the areas I most need to work on in that moment? And yes, he is strong like a rock, but he is also ever moving forward, like a river that slowly changes the landscape around it with its quiet strength.

Where ever you are today, be encouraged that growth and change are happening, even if it seems slow (or non-existent.) Ask God to give you little glimpses into how he sees you- his excitement for your life and who you are becoming. Let your Creator and heavenly Father -who knows you best- connect with you in a way that you can get…he knows how to speak your language, because he made you that way.

And please check back and keep me accountable to keep writing! I appreciate you!