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WL 5

Weekly Links is a new segment where I share what I’ve been reading and other internet resources that I hope you find helpful. Please share your own links in the comments!

Politics & Culture

“It may seem implausible that men who hold very different beliefs like @CornelWest and @McCormickProf could be such good friends.

But West explains to @FiringLineShow that “deep down in your heart, you know, love is not reducible to politics.”

— Firing Line with Margaret Hoover February 9, 2020

Beauty & Style

  • Happy Valentines Day! Do you need help writing a GOOD love letter? Let Jonathan Rogers guide you (I might have teared up at this one.) 💌
  • And if you need a trusty mascara that won’t flake (or cry) off but actually washes away easily, use my 10% off code for Glossier’s!

Everyday Theology

  • Ryan Colby shares his grief at the sudden loss of the woman he intended to marry, beloved writer Bre Payton.

“The Cross is change and a signpost, and tragedy forces you to choose a path. Either you draw closer to Christ and His suffering, or you take the path of self-destruction. There is no in-between.”

  • And if it’s been awhile since you last listened to my Spotify VIP List Mix, take it for a spin. This is the kind of little treat I like to put together for my newsletter crew, so you should jump on! (February’s letter will go out next week, so get on ASAP!) Happy listening 👇
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josh garrels _ light came down
There is a light
Bright star shining
In the dark night
Old tales come true
All of our fears
Hopes and prayers
He has heard
And answered us
The light came down
Cast the darkness away
He appeared
A helpless child
The light of God came down
There is a light
A new day dawning
Old things pass
All things made new
Prophets have spoken
All He would accomplish
When the light of God
Would dwell with men
The light came down
Cast the darkness away
He appeared
A helpless child
The light of God came to save us
To the world that He made us
O’ Lord and savior