Exploring the Gospel of John: Part 4

gospel of john_ part 4

This is a series on exploring the book of John for rookies and experts alike! Start here and read more here and here if you want to follow along.

The heart of Jesus’ message moves to the forefront of the narrative in John 6, as we read Jesus’ discourse with the same crowd that had recently been fed by the miracle of loaves and fishes.

They asked for more food; he offered himself as the Bread of Life.

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Ears to Hear, Hearts that Obey (a prayer)

ears to hear

Let me set the scene for you. It’s the afternoon of the first day of our hashtag homeschool journey for this academic year. I’m enjoying a peaceful and tidy home with a cup of fresh coffee in hand, a slice of orange pound cake next to me, and my laptop fired up and ready to go. Where are my precious children, you ask? Why is the house silent? Ah, that. Well, this morning was a little…insane.

The two older boys woke up grumpy and asked if they could play Nintendo first thing. Ignoring that request, I proceeded to *actually* cook them a hot breakfast (fried eggs and toast) and they left the eggs on their plates almost perfectly in tact. And the morning just went downhill from there: outright defiance, angry outbursts, a few tears, a baby that only napped for 30 min, a frazzled mama who only snapped two times. Lord, help us! Literally, that was my prayer. Lord, please help us.

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